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Android app screenshot showing how to block apps

About StayFree for Android

StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage is a self control, productivity, and phone addiction controller app that shows your much time you spend on your smartphone and helps you focus by restricting the usage of apps. You can set usage limits for apps and receive alerts when exceeding those usage limit. You can also view the details of your usage and statistics on your usage history.

What makes StayFree special?

  • βœ” StayFree is the highest rated screen time app on the Play Store
  • βœ” Extremely fast and user-friendly interface
  • βœ” Most accurate usage statistics
  • βœ” Quick customer support

About StayFree for Desktop

The StayFree - Time Tracker & Website Blocker browser extension is an easy to use productivity tool for Google Chrome and Firefox that helps you stay focused on work by limiting the amount of time you can spend on distracting websites. StayFree provides analytics to help you understand how you are using the internet (daily website usage statistics) and factors leading to distractions (such as ads you have seen).

StayFree help you:

  • πŸ“΅ Block distracting websites
  • πŸ”‹ Stay focused
  • 😌 Self-control
  • πŸ“± Reduce screen time
  • πŸ›‘ Reduce distraction
  • πŸ’― Boost productivity
  • 🀳 Track website usage
  • πŸ“ˆ Increase your digital wellbeing
  • 🧠 Understand how you consume the web
  • πŸ‘ͺ Spend quality time with friends and family
  • πŸ’ͺ Reduce wasted time on desktop





It does what it says with no ads! I really like the fact that it works with both apps (and app categories) and websites, as well can do a full block or what I was really looking for - a gentle reminder where you can add 10 minutes to your time. While I would like to be able to customize the time so its maybe a minute to finish reading a post on reddit or 5 minutes to finish a video on youtube, I love the fact that it is there.

Ella Mahood


This has been so helpful in limiting my screen time. It's easy to set the limits for how much time I want to spend on each app, and it gives me a 3-minute warning when I'm nearing that limit. I love it!

Courtney R


This app really helping people to know how much time wasted on social media. Thank you for this application,πŸ™

Abhishek Suman


I love that this app helps me to be more productive, I really want to use my phone less, and I find that setting a goals and using this app to track my usage is helping me stay on track.

Shaniece P


I used to spend all my time reading light novels online. Now I only do so in 30 minute bursts, and can go to sleep on time at night. This, along with the cold turkey application blocker (that stops me from late night gaming) has definitely helped my sleep gameπŸ‘ 5 stars, good job devs